[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3]

Latest releases
21.09/2021#455: One Synth II by Various   (11 tracks)[IDM]
14.07/2021#454: Clinique Dooba Remixes by Lackluster   (5 tracks)[IDM]
29.06/2021#453: I See Rainbows by Icy Rainbows   (9 tracks)[IDM]
12.05/2021#452: LP24 Incorporated by Various   (6 tracks)[Electronic]
12.04/2021#451: Habitat by Synkretic   (4 tracks)[IDM]
21.03/2021#450: Liminal Space - The Remixes by 4T Thieves and Friends   (11 tracks)[IDM]
05.03/2021#449: The Electric Home by 4T Thieves and Pandacetamol   (11 tracks)[IDM]
18.02/2021#448: Cortical by Abdicant   (4 tracks)[IDM]

Worth a listen:    
Release #245 : Tom Bragl / What tone am I?
Kahvi v3 is here, and what better way to celebrate this fact than to feature an 'epic' ep by guest artist Tom Bragl. Verging on the industrial and per.....(more) - [Listen now : M3U] [Kahvi Spotlight]

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27.04/2020Kahvi website finally returns!
22.12/2014Join Kahvi on Bandcamp
18.11/2012Join Kahvi on Mixcloud!
20.10/2012Support your favourite netlabel by buying a DVD collection!

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12:13 24.08.21
4T wrote:
FTP is being updated, should work again after that.
07:11 20.08.21
starquake wrote:
FTP doesn't seem to be working at the moment. Connection reset.
08:20 27.07.21
4T wrote:
You can use the music for non-commercial uses as long as you give correct credits for the music
20:47 25.07.21
Myron Gaines wrote:
Would I be allowed to use Kahvi music as background music in a (free) video released on odysee.com?
02:35 13.05.21
4T wrote:
Micksam mirrors disappeared a while ago. You'll have to use an FTP client
08:00 12.05.21
Phred wrote:
FTP is no longer supported by Firefox, so I can't download anymore :( the micksam7 mirrors don't work either.
07:00 29.04.21
Brylie wrote:
Wow! I'm really glad to see the Kahvi Collective back online :-)
08:06 28.03.21
4T wrote:
We don't have any control over how long it takes to move the release to the correct place on Scene.org unfortunately.
19:09 25.03.21
Phred wrote:
For the past few releases, it always takes a few days before the downloads work, is scene.org being difficult?
09:31 5.03.21
ruenoak wrote:
Great to see the site back up I've missed it