Acrilic Colors : Marco / Italy
Number of releases : 4
Acrilic Colors is an italian artist, living in Rimini, on the Adriatic coast.

Fond of electronic music since ages (varying from archetypal Kraftwerk to more experimental bands like Duet Emmo/He Said, passing through classic darkwave), he fell in love soon with Brian Eno and his ambient soundscapes & environmental artworks.

He tried different media for a proper personal expression, varying from poetry and paintings, before dedicating more time to his main passion: music. Actually he loves electro-ambient and chillout music, like Bluetech, Entheogenic, Solar Fields, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Side Liner and The Sushi Club, just to name a few.

Previously he used to listen psy-trance music (Bamboo Forest, MFG, Oforia, Wizzy Noise), but now is mainly an Etnica/Pleiadians/Crop Circles freak!

In the past he was part of the demoscene group Blackhole and received some Honorable Mentions on IRTC (Internet Raytracing Competition) using POV-Ray raytracer.
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