Axiom23 : Olof Ejstes / Sweden
Number of releases : 1
I started making electronic music on a computer in the late nineties, using Fasttracker 2 and a Alesis Quadraverb. I also had a couple of Tecnincs 1200 turntables and a simple mixer. In school me and my mates was really into underground techno/acid/ambient and used to hang out alot in the local recordshop where we used up all of our money on cool records from cool places like Berlin, London and Detroit.

My brother was more of a hiphop guy and after school i would often come home and find him behind my decks doing his dj-scratching-routine.

My whole family, my brothers and my parents are all musicians. My earliest memories of music are traditional swedish folkmusic performed by my father on violin and accordion.

I went to a school for composers for 2 years where we talked about guys like Pierre Schaeffer and John Cage. We were making experimental sonic art and played it on speakers infront of a sit-down audience. After that period it felt like i needed to do something totally different.

So i started making psytrance as "Gubbology".

Soon i was releasing tracks on complitations from local netlabel "Troll N Roll" records and made a couple of albums to. I was also invited to play my music at tranceparties in the scandinavian forests, on a beach close to the arctic circle, and also one time in a church in Amsterdam. High energy psychedelic trance needed it's counterpoint though. So i created the project "School of Crystal Healing" for esoteric ambient. I've made two album with that and now i'm here with "Axiom 23", my latest project. It's also quite laidback music but not as floaty and fluffy. I think "Axiom 23" sounds a bit like a an old vhs or cassette with weird music from the early nineties.
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