Budha Building : Hans Timmermans / Netherlands
Number of releases : 2
For Hans Timmermans, 2005 was a year of many releases. From his solo project Budha Building there will be two cd releases named ‘N.E.T.’ and ‘Abstract’. Both albums will be digitally distributed by The Orchard and are also to be found at Itunes, Realrhapsody, Musicmatch, Napster, Chellomusiczone, MTV and E music.

Hans Timmermans also did a tour with Quadrant Extendend. In this year the double album will be recorded and released on recordlabel EWM.

In 2006 Budha Building will release a DVD with the music and video images of the Necesidades project. On this DVD you will also find the music from both the other releases.

In the past years, Hans Timmermans has focused on the writing and producing of music for different productions, expositions, presentations and performances. Amongst other projects, he produced music for the dancetheatre production ‘Bugelfrei’ and de theatre production ‘Nest’ (Peggy Olislaegers). Together with Lady Aida he made the remix of The Ripplets, produced the album of Ravenglass and composed the music and soundscapes for the cartoon / puppetseries ‘Eefje Wentelteefje’ (VPRO, Villa Achterwerk).

Internationally Hans Timmermans has taken an other approach to get his music the attention it deserves. Through a publishing deal with the New York Publisher ‘PUMP’, more than 16 compositions of his solo performance ‘Budha Building’ where used by American Television channels. For example, Budha Building was used during ‘MTV The Cribs’, several VH1 music documentaries , America’s Next Topmodel’, ‘Making of the Band’ and the year-overview of Scifi channel.

Budha Building can regularly be found at several festivals. For instance, Hans performed at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, Festival Mundial (Tilburg, The Netherlands), Virus (Eindhoven, NL), Streetfestival (Vlissingen, NL), TransEuropeHall (Kopenhagen), Mind the Gap festival (Houthalen, Belgium and Melkweg, Amsterdam) and the Erasmus Festival (Tilburg, NL). During the last decade Budha Building played as the supportact for Hawkwind, Grotus, PSychic Warriors Of Gaia, Robert Leiner, and went on tour as the support act for Kong and Shine.

Budha Building stands for sphere. This is the element that is the bases for this ambient, & ethno orientated downtempo electronical music with very abstract characteristics.

The organic and acoustic music of Budha Building is created using samples, sequencers and synthesisers. Any live performance of Budha Building is unique because the whole set always is sequenced and arranged live. By performing together with guest musicians, Budha Building explores new boundaries within his own music. This approach creates a tension that every time results in a creative interaction between musicians and audience. To attract more attention to his motion picture kind of music, Hans Timmermans also visualises his music by using VJ techniques.
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