Coax : Nicolai / Norway
Number of releases : 5
Nicolai Vassend, also known as 'Coax' is a 26 year old from Norway.

He started out in 2000, after listening to electronic music like Autechre, Boards of Canada, Plaid and other artists. This inspired him to make music on his own. He started out with Propellerheads Reason, then FLStudio, and now Ableton Live.

Coax is interested in a variety of music, and doesn't like to categorize into genres beyond what is necessary for communication. He tries to experiment with a variety of sounds, and also hopes to create something refreshing. Beyond that he has an interest in photography and paintings, both traditional and digital, and likes to experiment with photoshop to create suiting covers for his releases. His constant changes in moods and inspirations drives him to make different types of music, and practice techniques while getting an output for ideas.
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