Crackle Creations : Nazar Nikolaev / Russia
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“…a reminiscence of a tune that I used to often hear when I was 3 to 5 years old comes to my mind. This melody preceded one of the evening shows of the Soviet TV broadcasting, and at that time I was petrified by it. It has crawled deeply inside my soul and gripped it tight with some sort of the freezing fear that had been unknown before, bringing about sensations of lonely emptiness and solitude of death.

It was my earliest contact with music that I can think of and that has been engraved forever into my memory. It seems, it has also formed my taste in music.”

Nazar Nikolaev was born on September 23, 1985. When he was six, his parents introduced him to a school of music. Despite the lack of willingness and laziness in respect of his music studies as well as his frequent skipping the classes, he has managed to graduate from the school with a good result whereas his professors were claiming he had an ear and talent for music.

“It was the Music School for Children #10 of Novosibirsk. I felt I didn’t like the studies from the very first day, which I still remember. It was only during the final two weeks that I had been studying hard and with full commitment. When I graduated from the music school I felt rejoiced I would have nothing to do with it in the future but listen to it at ease. I was wrong”.

Just one year later Nazar went in for ‘music making’ in such unsophisticated programmes as Dance Machine and Dance/Techno E-Jay. This software was far from perfect and didn’t have much to do with the professional creative activities. In Nazar’s opinion, the beginning of his musical creation has been marked with the first tracks made with the help of MTV Music Generator in 2001.

“Many teens used to play around with E-Jay and alike programmes and claimed themselves DJ’s after finishing their first tracks. It should have seemed cool at that age. It was evident, though, that such software did not provide its users with the freedom of creation. It was impossible to choose an instrument and compose a tune with it. The number of built-in music samples was very limited. Speaking about professional programmes – we’ve had no clue about them. Only those who were truly attracted by the creative work with music started seeking ways to resolve this problem. Some started using free sample libraries, others – looking for the tools which would at least allow them making a melody. Following this way, I have come to MTV Music Generator. Then why do I consider the songs made there the beginning of serious musical activity, despite this programme being amateurish? Because the ideas expressed in them were met with approval of my friends. My mates’ evaluation, critics and support have always helped me en route to the creative peaks”.

MTV Music Generator has been swapped to Reason, Acid, Soundforge, Logic… The exploration of the professional music software, basics of sound synthesis, and mixing and mastering engineering has begun. In the course of dispersing the music throughout the Net Nazar has made virtual, and, occasionally, real life, acquaintances with several outstanding music composers and projects (Valeryo, Astropilot, Siberian Son, Panda’s Dream, Dyad, FPRF Project, Siba, Fint, as well as many others).

Today, Nazar does not only compose music under the names of Crackle Creations and Nexar but also participates in some creative collaborations where the topical background music is required. An example of such cooperative work would be the ‘Tribute to Futurism’ party held in Taboo bar (Novosibirsk, 2006). The event was musically shaped by specifically composed IDM and ambient tracks which contained the poetry of the poets belonging to the first half of the XXth century’s current called futurism. The music was maintaining the unique ambience of the evening.

“My head is always filled with musical ideas, only a small part of which I jot down in a notebook, and even less of them I realize in the sound. Virtually everything may serve to me as a source of inspiration – from the rhythmic pattern of the birds’ singing in a forest and the buzzing of an air shaft fan to an emotionally charged movie or a real life situation. I try not to lock myself in the frame of a single style. As a matter of fact, it depends on the mood, whereas the rhythm and tempo is determined by the tune born in my head. When people ask me what my music sounds like I love quoting Paul Oakenfold who once responded to a similar question in one of his interviews: ‘My style is melodic and continues to be melodic’. I may only add that this man’s works contributed a lot to my preferences in music as well as did the very tune I was listening to when I was a toddler, which I still strive to find”.
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