Data Rebel : Danny Howe / UK
Number of releases : 2
Got into Electronic music from an early age, around the mid to late 80s.
Started buying records seriously to play at small venues in a local town.
bought first set of Technics 1210s in 1992 playing detroit and european Techno.
My brother and I bought first keyboard around 1993. A Roland XP50 Workstation.
Then bought smaller modules and fx units to enhance our sound.
At that point Electronic/IDM and Ambient music seemed to be drawing me in.

Big influences were artists like Autechre, Speedy J, Boards Of Canada and other WARP artists. Eventually got my own house a few years later,and then decided to start picking up my own bits of kit to create my own studio.

Up to this present day I have been inspired by a lot of excellent producers and more recently by artists like Planet Boelex, Mosaik and Solar-fields.
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