Esem : George Marinov / Bulgaria
Number of releases : 7
Interview segment courtesy igloomag: "Esem is the musical guise of Bulgaria based George Marinov. Over the past few years Esem’s influential sounds have tweaked the ears of many people interested in warm electronic grooves, and his debut 12” on the (now defunct) DeFocus (UK) record label brought him the much needed attention upon release. Entering the realm of experimental beauty, his Ikae EP sparked visions of casually placed chords, melancholic rhythms and pensive electrical shapes. This was only the beginning of what was to become his debut album, Enveloped also on DeFocus Records. A consistently fluid full-length of delicate frequencies that continually motivates layers of sonic beauty and is probably one of the most under-appreciated albums in the sea of musicians trying to create a similar vibe.

When asked about his process and inspiration, Esem credits the time when he got his first PC in 1995 and managed to save for a soundcard. With all the music tied into the back of his mind, Esem spent 1996 getting into trackers with no decent results until early ’97, he says. Without having studied the process of music making at all, George concludes that he can’t really tell anything about inspiration in the creation of his tracks. As something too fragile to be safely studied, he allows inspiration to come to him instead: “Inspiration makes the process seem so easy; you don't notice it happening at all. It drives those nights when you choose to hit the keys instead of sleeping.”

Within Esem’s wide musical pallet, he manages to include some form of infectious and/or emotional trademarks inside of each track. When ask how these emotions are initiated, he explains that he can never describe his own music: “They just emerge after I feel a certain way for about a week or more. It's a channel to release soul content I guess.” This is remarkably evident on Enveloped where blankets of warm electronic moods shift and tweak with relative ease. But did this release receive the attention it very well deserved? “I can't really say if Enveloped received a lot of attention. It's in my view that as a debut it is so subtle I (sometimes) think it went completely unnoticed. I focus on feedback more often. Feedback is what affects me in a good way --doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative, feedback always kicks.”

But what does ‘Esem’ truly mean? Well, we can’t confirm that Esem’s sarcasm is valid or not: “It means "George from Bulgaria" (this answer courtesy of Juho Hietala a.k.a. Blamstrain).” It doesn’t take too long to realize that it’s really his music that setting him apart from the rest, where simplicity is linked to beauty and complexity is glued to fluid rhythms. Without comparing to any other musicians, it’s also safe to say that George has a purpose in life: “I am a human, like everyone else. I believe I am still to find my one purpose in life. For now I prefer to deal with more simple things, like, for example, doing music.” We’re glad to see that Esem will continue with his passion for musical creations and the close relationship between his thoughts and sounds.

Esem’s signature sound is indicative of his feelings, moods, and thoughts. As some of the most inspirational electronic music around, George Marinov devotes himself to creating tunes that are sincere, emotional and contemplative. As a sound innovator who multiplies the vibe into your mind with each rotation, Esem is a style of its own that is truly worth listening to. With Merck Records’ persistence and dedication to releasing hi-quality electronic music, we’re finally able to see the other side of Esem’s brain. Serial Human forges its way into yet another sector of time where sharp electronic melodies collide with circular beats. It’s a full length that will surely stand the test of time, a release that brings Esem’s musical adventure full circle.
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