John Novak : John Novak / Australia
Number of releases : 3
John Novak's musical explorations started out around his 12th birthday by the aid of an Akai dual casette deck (built-in microphone, dubbing functionality, an outstanding piece of hardware straight from the 80s, that is!), a Casio SA-1 toy synthesiser (PCM samples! 4 note polyphony! yikes!) and an acoustic steel-string guitar broken beyond any repair (most likely originating from a former Eastern Bloc country).

After having gotten hold of an Amiga 500 personal computer and a copy of SoundTracker on an 3.5" DD floppy disk, all the hell broke loose. This irreversible situation was further exacerbated by the acquisition of ProTracker 2.2a and a parallel port audio sampler device. During this period he also got involved with the Amiga & PC demoscene under the handle Elijah / Majic 12. Apart from occasional meanderings into classical guitar studies, being the lead guitarist in a thrash-metal band for a few years and messing around with almost every sequencer known to man, by some strange twist of fate he always gravitated back towards electronic music production. Nowadays he really likes Logic Studio, Jeskola Buzz and Renoise (but needles to say, he will always have a warm spot in his heart for FastTracker II & GUS Max and the ubiquitous ProTracker hex effect commands will remain imprinted in his gray cells forever!).

Presently, his main priorities include not locking himself into any particular style and not to taking himself too seriously.
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