Lackluster : Esa Ruoho / Finland
Number of releases : 7
One of a kind is indeed the expression, which best describes the electronic music auteur Esa Ruoho, regardless whether we are talking about the organic quality of his music under the artist name Lackluster or just the artist himself in his private life. Esa Ruoho is truly an original; a homegrown and uncompromising composer and an eccentric explorer of science and nature, whose artistic career might seem at first glimpse to be just a sum of happy accidents. However, the illusion quickly dissolves after carefully examining his biography. Instead of coincidence, there is only talent and hard work.

Lackluster emerged seemingly out of the blue and stepped directly into the international limelight in the year 2000 with his debut album, Container. While the artist himself remains endlessly surprised by his signing to a real record label, everyone else knew even then that it was just a question of time. The underground scene had been buzzing for with the Lackluster fever, which was in full blaze thanks to the astounding amount of music Esa Ruoho put out for free through early electronic distribution channels and old fashioned, homemade cds.

Currently Lackluster is signed to the US-based label SLSK Records. His first release for the label, Repulsine EP, arrives during Summer 2007. In the meantime you can try and witness the organic and always unique Lackluster live experience.
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