MigloJE : Aurimas Braži?nas / Lithuania
Number of releases : 6
MigloJE is a one man experimental electronical and ambient music project.

I was born on 31 of january in 1981. Since 1988 i was involved in musical studies and trained my self to be a professional celo and piano player, but in an accident i broke my hand, and the perspective of a succesfull musician faded away, also later my wish to be a musician also disapeared.

But as a child i always dreamed to be an artist, some kind of creator like an music composer and in 1997 i got interested in computer music making. I've got my first tracking software "Fastracker2" and started to experiment with sound. Since that time i passed different styles of electronical music and tryied a lot of different software and in year 1999..

2000 i got influented by idm ,glitch, minimal, triphop, synthpop, experimental and ambiet music, and discovered to myself the new world and patterns of the sound. As my experience grew i was asked to play on the radio show "X-panteonas" at radio station A2 in year 2002 in Vilnius. It was the debut and after a year i've been asked to play in a big neodarkwave festival "Menuo juodaragis" with a project "Fary tale lodge" (most of the material you can find in my album "ayesteeyah" on www. kahvi. org ). After that festival i was asked to participate in many events... :)
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