NNYz? : Nathan / UK
Number of releases : 1
NNYz? (pronounced nee) is West Country, UK based cinematic electronica with a penchant for crafting music that feels like it's telling a story. Tunes that are designed to be listened to with headphones on, with your eyes closed and in the dark. To be fully immersed in the music and let your mind wander.

'Question sleep and all it' s motives' (z?) - Jhonen Vasquez "I find I can be at my most creative late at night, at times where I guess I should be sleeping and the imagery that manifests from the ideas I get can reflect that" with full, lush atmospherics and subtle nuances that fill these drifting soundscapes with detail. Encouraging the listener to create their own stories in their mind. Being described as 'Soundtracks to imaginary pictures' each new tune can take you on a different journey.

Having started music with guitars and bass in several different bands, 2004 saw more electronic instruments and recording techniques come into play. With no one to share a collaborative vision, NNYz? is unrestricted in laying down whatever is going on in his head. Influenced by an extreme range of genres/artists (from 70s prog, ambient and indie to future garage) but always trying not to be held down to just the one archetype.

Emotional electronica at it's core, NNYz? brings a downtempo ambience, simplistic yet somehow complex and deep slice of imagination. Ready to set the soundtrack to whatever scene your mind will conjure.
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