Polaski : Stephen Tomko / USA
Number of releases : 2
Stephen Tomko, known as Dj Polaski, has been a recent addition to the kahvi artists roster. While Polaski hasn't developed as an artist yet, he has provided full sized mixed albums featuring the multi-talented artists at kahvi.

His mission, as a dj, is to expose the artists to the public the awesome talent they possess. In addition to mixing kahvi tracks, he also takes time to mix various electronic genres like Trance, House, Electro, Minimal, etc. Born in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin in the U.S. (which he believes to be the center of the universe), Polaski is relatively new to mixing as well.

He started his venture mixing trance tracks as a hobby back in August 2006. When he submitted his first full mix to the largest electronic radio station (DI.FM, which he's been listening to since it began) Polaski's name began to bloom.

After mixing for a year or so, he decided to take a new challenge and try mixing for the kahvi label. Being an avid fan of kahvi releases almost since they began, he offered his first mix (Rhapsody) which was well received. Since then he's been a household name on the label (known as Transition Master from some artists) as well as amongst the netlabel community. He continues to provide mixes for the label and hopes to take a stab at producing music.
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