Polygon Ring : Angel Draganov / Bulgaria
Number of releases : 3
I started releasing music on the web in late 1999. I didn't try to keep a consistent style in the beginning - I've composed ambient, drum'n'bass, house, techno, but most of the music I write these days could be qualified as IDM (whatever that means today).

Besides the Polygon Ring projects I have released other works of mine under various names which I wouldn't like to mention (it's always nice to some mistery around you).

Other than that, I've been playing in a rock band called Virus for about three years since 1997 till 2000. Nowadays I play in a band called Folder which is quite experimental in nearly every sense of that word but is primarily focused on merging metal and electronica (something that we called "future fusion" while not being as sober as is socially accepted).
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