Scann-Tec : Vladislav Isaev / Russia
Number of releases : 3
Vladislav Isaev, the man behind Scann-Tec was born in 1981 in Moscow, Russia.

He became interested in writing music in 1997. Back then, it was just one of his many hobbies. From 1997 until 2002 he was recording his music on tapes and CDs mostly for himself and his friends. In 2002, he bought his first MIDI keyboard and started taking music more seriously.

He started writing trance music and was invited to play it at some parties in 2002 and 2003. In 2004, after buying some additional equipment, he started writing ambient and chill-out music. Four months later, he had released his first EP entitled "Visiting Sky" on the Kahvi Collective net-label.

This was followed by another EP entitled "Collaps" on Acedia Music a few months later. Later in 2004, he was invited to play his chill-out material in Minsk, Belarus and he has received a lot of positive feedback for his performance. His debut album "A.I. Disabled" was finished around the same time and it is scheduled to be released on Gizmo Lab Records soon.

Vladislav has also made a remix for one of the most famous artists on the post-USSR electronic scene Randomajestiq. This remix has been a track of the week on raw42 in October 2004. One month later, the same website listed Scann-Tec's track "Narrator" as the track of the month. Vladislav is currently working as a system administrator in Moscow.
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