Sense : Adam Raisbeck / Australia
Number of releases : 1
Sense is Adam Raisbeck, musician born on the 25th of June 1974,from Melbourne, Australia.

Since, purchasing his first synthesiser from the trading post in 1992 , the Roland JX-3P , adam started making sounds and music.

Acquiring next some drum machines Roland . TR series.. and then some more and even more synths . Roland, Korg, Kawai, Yamaha,Sequential Circuits.

Learning along the way the concepts and applications of computer and synth based music was and still is his way of life.Establishing himself under his Soulenoid alias early in 1995, Adam Raisbeck has performed live numerous times in his native city of Melbourne at Club Filter, Global Warming and the Punters Club as well as larger one-off parties like the Omniglobe raves, Technofest, The Big Day Out, Be Strange and Earthcore - along the way supporting international drawcards Derrick May, Stacey Pullen, the Aphex Twin, Biochip C,Bochum welt, Cylob , Speedfreak , Biochip C , STEEL,Monolake , Machinedrum, Dabrye , Tim koch , ComA , Sutekh and the On-U Sound posse.

Yet in spite of critical acclaim surrounding his performances and the music he's released through Melbourne's If? label and Belgium's Nova Zembla imprint, Adam Raisbeck remains as unfathomable and elusive as the day he began.
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