Budha building / Abstract
Number of tracks : 11
Review from Subsonic Temple:

Abstract takes the listener on a beautifully tense and edgy trip-hop and downtempo journey that rides the line between light and dark - between the known and that which is alien. This evolving journey is accented by soundscapes inhabited by un-earthly organic \ electronic lifeforms.

Being true to the name, Abstract does not always remain in the confines of the norm. The driving bass of tracks like Quick Easy Access and Compendia brings about a measure of familiarity while still remaining alien. Styles are varied on each track yet each possesses a beautiful blend of strangeness that leads the listener deeper into the other-worldly realm.

Abstract is truly alive and has depth that one will continue to discover after listening again and again.

Some of my favorite tracks would have to be Quick & Easy, Comments\Questions & Metropolitan Area Book, however the entire album is hot!
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