sources of ideas, good feelings and support:
 german techno netlabel with a nice site design. (soon to close) 
 New Russian netlabel for electronica fans 
 Probably one of the first netlabels we've heard of from Ireland 
 beautiful music, sensual vocals and personality. 
 streaming 'demo scene themed' video from our very own Micksam 
 netlabel, based in Greece, of a similar vein to Kahvi. 
 Chilled beats for downtempo freaks 
 Cool ambient artist (co-op with Steve Roach) check out the VSTi synths. 
 the knights that say "idm"! 
 our very own madstyles website. drop by and leave some feedback 
 small but ultra cool net art & music project by xhale 
 A look at the electronic scene in Venezuela, Colombia and Chile 
 Spanish site aimed at promoting netlabels to an otherwise unaware audience. 
 phenomenal samurais with supasharp tracks 
 responsible for some of the kahvi artwork. 
 polish daily updated site dealing with new kinds of sound 
 free refills for Reason users. 
 Sleek netlabel releasing experimental, high power electronica. Nice site. 
 uk based netlabel specialising in ambient works 
 dubtechno, static minimalism, urban electronica & just plain 4/4 techno. 
 non profit label for elektro, ambient and experimental music 
 the planet of leather moomins creative collective 
 Cult real world label with some of the best chill/melodic idm you can find. 
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