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#259: Moroza_knozova / Valek Polkis
M3U FMP3  Tracks : 7
Finally its here, the Christmas release schedule @ Kahvi 2008: The first release is by moscow native - moroza_knozova (including the _) the latest guest artist to hit the Kahvi archives.

this seven track ep, entitled Valek Polkis, is a ride through ambient/idm noway, Planet Boelex inspired coolness in seagulls and bees to the amazingly addictive leads but strangely entitled rtyjd2. The ep grows on you to such a point that you have to have just another fix of your favorite track.

Information about the speech in radiastrmix (takladno):

"The samples used there are from 1) movie for nizhniy novgorod museum of radiophysics. the movie is called "radioastronomy" author Andrey Suzdalev). The main phrase (repeated many times) is "weak space noise, far stars and galaxies, but the principle here is the same - it's only a question of technique."

Also used is a small sample from a movie by Alexander Rastorguev called Zar nezhnykh. Dikyi, dikyi plyazh (Tenders Heat: Wild Wild Beach).

Track of choice - the truly sublime "rtyjd2".

Enjoy this opening release for the Kahvi Christmas releases 2008 and watch out for the next, coming soon!
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