Mission: to gather and provide free electronic grooves. area of operation: internet


"A lot of time is spent searching for releases with the `kahvi style` aimed
to enable any release to be played alongside the others to complement and
enhance the previous. the entire archive is designed to be one massive
audio experience - to be enjoyed from release 1 to release 421."
  got any fresh audio material you think would interest us? feel like your tune
has just the kahvi vibe? feel free to contact 4T for info on releasing.
  About the new site    
  "Many hours of hard graft went into the creation of the new Kahvi site, and I hope    
  you enjoy using the result! To promote commenting on releases, every single    
  release page has its own comment box which can be viewed by clicking the    
  'view/add quick comment(s)` link. Every release has its own built in streaming    
  system which can be accessed using the 'listen now!' link. The site is designed to    
  be easy to navigate, easy to listen, easy to comment. Please use the features    
  we built in to leave comments, the artists don't ask for anything, just to listen to their    
  hard work and leave some feedback for them. It makes it all worthwhile! "    
Nik (4T Thieves/Kahvi.org)