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Latest releases
23.07/2020#438: Shortforms EP by EpitomeZero   (4 tracks)[Ambient]
23.06/2020#437: A Different Place by Pandacetamol   (12 tracks)[IDM]
21.05/2020#436: When new feelings come by Brioskj   (6 tracks)[Instrumental]
28.04/2020#435: Stationary by Betweenness   (4 tracks)[Ambient]
25.03/2020#434: Quiethism by Whalt Thisney   (6 tracks)[Ambient]
28.02./2020#433: Proto Human by Letters from Mouse   (10 tracks)[IDM]
29.01/2020#432: Further Asunder by Mikael Fyrek   (8 tracks)[Electronic]
16.12/2019#431: Shepherd Drift by Various   (43 tracks)[Electronic]

Worth a listen:    
Release #294 : Frederik Behr / Glass Marble
An interesting release arrives at #294 from guest artist 'Frederik Behr'. Glass Marble is interesting in the way that there is several different style.....(more) - [Listen now : M3U] [Kahvi Spotlight]

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27.04/2020Kahvi website finally returns!
22.12/2014Join Kahvi on Bandcamp
18.11/2012Join Kahvi on Mixcloud!
20.10/2012Support your favourite netlabel by buying a DVD collection!

Oneliner! (255 max, alpha only)
20:32 25.06.20
Frame wrote:
I'm glad to see kahvi back again
05:09 6.05.20
Bobe-On wrote:
I second the X-Mas tree concern. It's too cute, I love it. Nice to see it back for May. :D (The debugging work appreciated.)
18:00 5.05.20
Phred wrote:
Glad to see the site's back, bandcamp and twitter had no RSS feeds so I never learnt of new releases
18:12 4.05.20
freddymilton wrote:
so do i! X-mas tree still ok? not really...:-)))
18:15 27.04.20
Netlabel Archive wrote:
So happy to see the site back up and running
16:54 27.04.20
4T wrote:
Took quite a lot of debugging but the website is back up and running pretty well!
20:39 22.06.19
User wrote:
Is "Byvalidni" by elAstrum supposed to end so abruptly?
23:32 2.04.19
Bobe-On wrote:
Understood 4T, although I wonder how rigid Kahvi and/or its artists would be in the event of the possibilities of such a compilation. Besides, Boards of Canada seems pretty 'derived' hereon, yes?
03:34 1.04.19
4T wrote:
It's worth noting that our licensing means you can't make derivatives of Kahvi releases - at least they can't be published anywhere.
00:09 28.03.19
Bobe-On wrote:
Yes and no, Po', and everything in-between, depending on what we mean. There may be versions that improve some songs from some listeners and even give the artists some food for though.