Spotlight on release #322: Ciaran Byrne / Unreleased works 01-06 *  M3U FMP3  I want to see another!  
    Ciaran Byrne last appeared in the VA 'Terraform' and now he's back with a large selection of earlier works. An entire biography from 2001-2006 of Ciarans evolution in sound, heavily influenced by Boards of Canada (which is easy to hear).

The 12 track album includes the sublime 'mellotron' style 'amber stroll' to the hard and heavy Audry Hugo with the killer bassline - something for all electronic fanatics around the world.

Check out Ciarans works on itunes and elsewhere, Galtrim (amazing album which evokes all the emotions associated with Boards of Canada) and Nine Lives Causeway (in a similar vein to Galtrim but perhaps more polished due to the 2 year gap in the releases). Enjoy this adventure with Ciaran and don't forget to leave feedback!

Track of choice: the too short but amazing 'Cluasa'

Kahvi Oneliner!
07:49 21.01.15
Club17: Just come back from years ago and still alive! Thank you Kahvi :)
11:39 19.01.15
Esem: Scateren
07:03 24.12.14
4T: If Craque reads this. I\'m unable to send any emails to your email address, as its blocked me and bounces back. Thats why you didn\'t hear from me!
01:13 24.12.14
phylum sinter: <3 threads - thanks for this compilation, worth the FLAC :D
07:59 23.12.14
Daz Phasey: Thank you for another excellent xmas release. ;-)
19:02 22.12.14
manolo: thanks so much kAvHi for this early present, this is relieving.. the commissioning of this neutrino detector was exhausting! with best++
13:37 22.12.14
4T: Bandcamp page is now up and running!
07:00 8.12.14
ambientium: Hi guys! I have a new ambient EP \"Fall\" on Mindspring music. You can give it a listen on SoundCloud. Cheers! :)
17:53 3.12.14
Bobe-On: emo kid on e: very nice, trippy, Weedie, maybe even brilliant. Listened to it all night last night.
18:50 26.11.14
Neil F: hooray the snows back
00:50 18.11.14
Bobe-On: Tetarise-- nice mood
23:13 9.11.14
background: These sounds create wonderful feelings. Artists releasing their work, thank you so much!
11:50 25.10.14
4T: The ogg files are supposed to be smaller but match the sound quality
11:40 25.10.14
k_sze: In general, are the ogg files supposed to match the mp3 files in sound quality?
08:33 5.10.14
ruenoak: Love listening to Kahvi