Spotlight on release #291: Torley / Ambitizers   M3U FMP3  I want to see another!  
    If you've been following releases of late, you'll remember Torley from the popular VA recently put out 'Serenity'. Torley was one of the hidden wonders of the release, and I thought it would be nice to get a dedicated ep out featuring his work.

As mentioned in release #290, this release can be played alongside, the tracks in any order, creating an entirely different feeling - think of it as a kind of 'personalised' release. Give it a try and see what I mean.

Ambitizers is a smooth, flowing, indulgent trip through the realms of ambience (with minimal beats here and there).

This eight track release (playtime around 30 minutes) continues the high quality, desirable vibes we heard in Serenity but advances the theme - more depth and atmosphere throughout.

Tracks of choice: Desked (that beat should really last longer), Otoro (is it just me, or does this make you think of 'The Last Ninja' from oldskool gaming days?).