[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #140: Alexander Chereshnev / Unknown way - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
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#140: Alexander Chereshnev / Unknown way
M3U FMP3  Tracks : 2
Marking release #140 with something just a little bit special - we welcome alexander chereshnev to the stage. an unknown entity sometimes surprises, and this is certainly the case with these tracks. excellent production and content, surprising sounds and textures. two extremely listenable and fitting tracks to add to the kahvi collective.
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Frostokovich wrote on 07/10/11, 6:08 pm
Just heard Alexander's cut "Abandoned Places" on DroneZone radio. Stupendous piece of work. I hope to hear much more from him. Thanks, gf
Bobe-On wrote on 22/11/09, 10:00 am
Great work, Alexander. Nice atmosphere, harmonies and style.