[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #151: Zilent zpott / Zilence EP - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
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#151: Zilent zpott / Zilence EP
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If you're a frequent listener to the chillout channel on di.fm, zilent zpott will come as a particularly recognisable name. hailing from german, zilent spott blends what appears to be overly commercial sounds in a familiar context. the quality of the production is second to none and the tracks are using quality sounds and textures throughout. ranging from cool chill to more dance oriented styles, this release has something for everybody.

C17 wrote on 30/01/09, 6:44 am
Ufff, delicious! Nicework. Lost & Desperation is so beautiful. TY.
Nightmorph wrote on 01/05/08, 3:38 pm
I finally got a chance to sit down and listen to this album.

It's good. The moods and music patterns are similar in origin to Michael Fyrek's In Riots of Color They Spin. Simple chord progressions looped over and over again, but with layers and layers of darkly subtle instrumentation . . . so much that it took a couple of listenings to realize the deliberate simplicity of the chords.

The first track doesn't fit the thematic progression of the rest of the EP. Fortunately, it gets better from there: the rest of the tracks far outshine the first. By the time you reach the last piece, "Harrison City," you'll be wishing for more of this rather Blade Runner-esque glowing metropolis conjured up by Zilent Zpott.

Download. Add late-night rain streaking windows lit only by muted neon lights. Play. Mix, and repeat.
Echo wrote on 01/05/08, 3:37 pm
I very liked the first track Zpaces - aerial chillout floating through morning blue skies. Very deep ambient track.