[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #162: Url / Berdz Trak EP - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
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#162: Url / Berdz Trak EP
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Seems to me that 2005 is the year for strange names and berdz trak certainly lives up to that statement. Anyway, names aside, this four track ep by url (a reincarnation pehaps?) is certainly *just* the Kahvi style that we're all waiting for. Arriving where Esem's release left off, a fantastic aural journey awaits you. Lively, diverse, enjoyable. What more can you ask for? Check out "from my seed she has grown" for one of my favorite tracks of this year.
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KvX wrote on 18/01/10, 12:07 pm
I almost feel *ill* for having missed this little gem for so long! After the brilliant 2009 holiday release, I downloaded everything by URL. It has brought me many hours of joy. And The Tune... wow, I just don't even have words for that. It takes me to another place!
Oudalrich wrote on 01/05/08, 9:35 pm
One of my favourite kahvi releases to date. However, for some reason it's encoded using an extremely outdated release candidate (RC3) version of Vorbis from 2001. The first track crashes my portable player so bad it needs a hard reset. Any chance for you to re-encode from the lossless sources with a post-1.0 version?
Ljudcommando wrote on 01/05/08, 9:34 pm
Must say that this release passed me without much notice at first. Then this morning, while I was engaged in very stimulating and personality-developing activities like washing dishes and sorting papers, I had some random music from my playlist in the background. And suddenly i was thinking "hey what's this? I like this" and it turns out to be url i'm listening too (the tune).

After some more careful listening I think the tune and serpent is really good tracks. The two remaining songs is ok too, but i agree with nickchen's second "warning" especially on the last track.

Cheers url, well done
Nickchen wrote on 01/05/08, 9:34 pm
More an wagnerian opera than an odd kahvi release. As I have been brought up with classical, this is meant as a very positive comment.

Url even managed to fumble some "female Ibiza choirs" in a very pleasant way (I normally normaly hate this).

Outstanding realease. Everything's brought perfectly to the point. As this balance seems somewhat fragile, Url has to take care about two main things (IMHO):

- Not to become even more complex
- Not one millimeter closer towards conventional mainstream patterns

If one of the 2 happened, the outstanding spirit of this music would be spoiled completely.
Spherix wrote on 01/05/08, 9:34 pm
Amazing tracks, nice atmospheres.

the last track is simply lovely. ; )
Cameronperone wrote on 01/05/08, 9:34 pm
Excellent selection.
'The Tune' and 'Serpent' combines a deep groove with just the right techie beat - hot.
Madstyle wrote on 01/05/08, 9:34 pm
I'm very impressed by this professionally produced music. The sound is very great and I also like this strait atmospheric style! It reminds me to "A Forest called MULU" - a search for the unexplored (from 1997). Beside to the Ambient/IDM music I always listen, I'm also fond of Athospheric Drum and Base. This music from Url has a note of Athmospheric Drum and Base. The tracks the tune and from my seed she has grown are my favourites!!! From my seed she has grown I listened three times in follow when I got this great release!
So this release follows another style which you canít compare by non similar styles like Esem, Bad Loop and other produce. My feeling is, that many listeners are already spoilt by all these very great releases from these relative unknown artists, so that the claim increases into an no outdo level. Url gets also my maximum respect with a top note :D
Rubicante wrote on 01/05/08, 9:33 pm
Phew; im behind on getting to reviewing this. Life is eating me alive as of late. :D

As for the release; I liked it. I thought it was a nice follow up to scateren in mood and style. With "the tune" being my personal favorite from the release. "From my seed she has grown" was really cool as well, but I dont think I really got into it until a couple minutes into the track where it has a nice "breathy" sound, that reminded me of an arctic landscape. The subtle psychedelic sounds and nice atmosphere really caught me on this ep. My only dislike was "reptilian method" Why? The mood seemed a little "blah" until about 4:40 when it has the nice volume automation come in with that sweet little lead. Other than that, the track isnt worth much too me.

All in all I thought the EP had a great vibe.
Quad341 wrote on 01/05/08, 9:33 pm
The release as a whole is not bad, but nothing spactacular. It starts off with some interesting sounds that spark interest, but the first two tracks seem to not really have enough spark or uniqueness to make me notice them from anything else. They were not memorable to me at least.

the tune, the third track, really started to perk my interest. though it starts out more average, it progresses to make some very beautiful sounds that cannot be ignored. it draws you in and doesn't let go. Of the release, I would have to say that this is my favorite. The differences that it shows towards the other tracks and bland tracks makes it so great for me.

the concluding track, "from my seed she has grown," is another very good track. I wasn't as interested in this track (possibly because of such a good response to the one immediately previous), but that is not to say it is bland or boring. it contains marvelous work and musical beauty that are ever so nice to enjoy. This definitely helps to make this smaller ep end on a good note.

overall, i say it's good but not remarkable. the talent is obviously there and could be the start to a very good career of music, underground or mainstream.
Urobian wrote on 01/05/08, 9:33 pm
great release, very nice atmospheres and transitions; a deep journey for an endless search...

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