[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #179: Berestez / Earthine EP - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
#179: Berestez / Earthine EP
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Many years ago (release #79) a release appeared on Kahvi that has shaped the rest of the archive ever since. One of the most moving and nostalgic ep's that Kahvi has ever released. Plokcity ep went down in history as being one of those with perfect production (having taken a year) with every second as addictive as the last. Berestez is finally back and his style has evolved. Gone are the slow and melodical evolving tracks. Replaced with slightly more aggression, the cool underlying factors are still there. A thought provoking, challenging, highly original and varied release. Stunning.
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Nickchen wrote on 01/05/08, 5:48 pm
I only kept š & ţ- forgot was was wrong with the rest, and the forum was down then, no ugly comments thus. Nevertheless, these two remainders show quite uniquely Berestez' abilities, which I really appreciate.
Micksam wrote on 01/05/08, 5:48 pm
Very interesting, very nice sounds on this release. But it doesn't exactly agree with me. :)

I admit it's really cool, really nice to listen too, but I guess it doesn't wow me like I was expecting when 4t was talking to me the day before it was released. :P

But besides that, very well done and nice to listen to near the end of the day. :)
Quad341 wrote on 01/05/08, 5:47 pm
excellent. it's different from the old berestez style (which i really loved), but i wouldn't say this is a bad change. it's different and still has a lot of berestez feel

very good
SpeaK wrote on 01/05/08, 5:47 pm
Really liked this. Enjoyed the tracks Eirom and Earthine the most. Earthine is really beautiful. Enjoy the sounds and the drums.

Mixing is suberb through the EP.
Rubicante wrote on 01/05/08, 5:47 pm
My jaw dropped when I realized that "berestez" was once again being showcased on kahvi. Wonderful release wonderful.


wrstan_lofi - Nice delicate beginning that unfolds into a subtle blend of crunchy beats and delicate leads and melodies. A nice intro.

in_treer - Starting out quiet and letting each note build into the song. Simple in style but complex in structure.

opprog - A classic jazzy track that offers some wonderful (303?) lines. One to play again and again.

eirom - Ah, more of those wonderful breaks and oh so delicate melodies. Somewhat similar too "in_treer" however a bit harder.

earthine - Very nice and "kahvi" sounding track. Wonderful, deep and oh so cool sounding sounds that offer quite the soundscape. A perfect track to play on a sleepy morning.

aina - I agree with the previous fellow. Badloop all over it. ;)
Guest wrote on 01/05/08, 5:47 pm
This Ep is amazing. I love it like my other favourites. It's the classical IDM/Electronica music, which has something of other, more famous artists like Hermann & Kleine, Multiplex, Nautilis, Ochre and Bad Loop also (especially the last track :wink: ).

If someone have had ask me from whom this track aina is, I would have answered convinced from Bad loop :D

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Bobe-On wrote:
Thanks for the clarifications, 4T.
02:36 28.12.22
4T wrote:
Rephazer is a different artist to Polaski
08:29 26.12.22
4T wrote:
No. Finland.
22:10 25.12.22
Bobe-On wrote:
"4T wrote: We have snow in Finland still in May" ~ 4T ...Didn't you take over Kahvi but were based in the UK?
22:07 25.12.22
Bobe-On wrote:
Hey Polaski, so you didn't rebrand yourself to Rephazer?
21:59 25.12.22
Bobe-On wrote:
I just popped in for a few seconds to see the snowflakes and the insanely-cute little Chrismas tree. Don't change, Kahvi, you're just perfect the way you are.
20:17 13.12.22
freddymilton wrote:
it's x-mas-time again All The Best to all at Kahvi!
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Polaski wrote:
Would like to see a mastodon server for the IDM scene.
19:25 10.05.22
freddymilton wrote:
well alright... :-) lovely still!!!
01:07 9.05.22
4T wrote:
We have snow in Finland still in May

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