[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #182: Walka / Vertaa - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
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#182: Walka / Vertaa
M3U FMP3  Tracks : 3
A little change from the normal frantic (?) kahvi pace. quiet and refined, similar in style to the previous releases from migloJE. a delicate and balanced selection , a small offering entitled 'vertaa' (compare). verging on the purely ambient but with hidden elements of idm, vertaa provides a crossover of two plains - the hard and fast, more beat driven previous release and the chilled and soft ambient/idm. enjoy this subtle oddity.
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j0wRU1CQfMQ wrote on 26/04/16, 6:20 am
At last! Someone who unsnsdtaedr! Thanks for posting!
Bobe-On wrote on 23/05/10, 12:55 am
Here's a mix of Walka's 2 tunes (Vertaa and Syy Napsuu if recalled) layered/edited with Audacity. I think it's better than both tunes and one I've kept and regularly enjoy. :)
It's at:
web dot ncf dot ca slash fr714 slash music
Burnie wrote on 21/07/09, 12:00 am
Really beautiful, deep, strange, from nowhere... Other stuff, please !
Rubicante wrote on 01/05/08, 5:44 pm
Nice stuff!

"kevasade" got a little too high pitched, but all in all nice soundscapes. :)
MigloJE wrote on 01/05/08, 5:44 pm
This one is great... :)keep up in this way...