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#197: Yard / Collab and Conquer
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Guest artist Yard may be a familiar artist to some of you, cruising the Detroit techno scene for many moons. With his complex style of offbeat and dark montages, Yard creates a curious fusion of the oldskool techno that was hitting the airwaves at the beginning of the nineties with subtle echo's of the idm of today. Dark, moody, gothic, industrial, mellow, but all blended to a fine texture. Interesting and one to add to the 'slightly out of this world' playlist.
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Klemperer wrote on 01/05/08, 5:07 pm
I liked these songs. portamento is my favourite, all the 3 full of lovely ideas and different moods. The drums are a bit boring, I think, a bit like "too often heard", but maybe this is a contrast you wished? Lively music, rather monotonous dead drums, or so? All in all a joy to listen to.

Okay, this was the impression I had when listening, now I read about it in the forum:-). So for my taste the "idm"-called parts seem to be the better ones. And portamento is winning here every time I listen to it, as I said, full of great ideas for me.
Yavi wrote on 01/05/08, 5:07 pm
This is a damn MASTERPIECE.
I've been loving this the past few hours and will enjoy it many hours to come for sure.
Very, very nice.

Portamento <3

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20:12 13.02.23
ZiP wrote:
I love Kahvi & all the artists. That is all.
05:16 31.12.22
Bobe-On wrote:
Thanks for the clarifications, 4T.
02:36 28.12.22
4T wrote:
Rephazer is a different artist to Polaski
08:29 26.12.22
4T wrote:
No. Finland.
22:10 25.12.22
Bobe-On wrote:
"4T wrote: We have snow in Finland still in May" ~ 4T ...Didn't you take over Kahvi but were based in the UK?
22:07 25.12.22
Bobe-On wrote:
Hey Polaski, so you didn't rebrand yourself to Rephazer?
21:59 25.12.22
Bobe-On wrote:
I just popped in for a few seconds to see the snowflakes and the insanely-cute little Chrismas tree. Don't change, Kahvi, you're just perfect the way you are.
20:17 13.12.22
freddymilton wrote:
it's x-mas-time again All The Best to all at Kahvi!
11:54 12.11.22
Polaski wrote:
Would like to see a mastodon server for the IDM scene.
19:25 10.05.22
freddymilton wrote:
well alright... :-) lovely still!!!

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