[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #261: Attic Moth / Fractal Works - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
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#261: Attic Moth / Fractal Works
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Kahvi @ Christmas 2008:

Continuing the Christmas releases for 2008 is a guest release with a difference - as the artist, Attic Moth, says in his bio, he uses "Algorithmic composition, serial, stochastic and aleatoric techniques" to create textured or "fractal works".

Curious, interesting and different, Fractal Works has a winter feel, cold but warm to the touch and a gentle divergence from the usual Kahvi style.

Christmas releases 2008 continue shortly!

nightmorph wrote on 18/12/08, 7:44 am
Really, really good! It does have a sort of wintry warmth to it, with ever-unfolding rhythms and melodic lines. It's really interesting to hear how deftly (and pleasingly, relaxingly) the synthesizers are woven together. If this is fractal music, I want more!
Curious Inversions wrote on 17/12/08, 9:55 pm
...Very... uhhh... fractal.

I'd love to see another set of music where shorter, fractla-generated themes were used and repeat in a more electronic style. ...As a software developer, algorithmic music has always been something I was interested in, I just never found a decent application which made truly compelling compositions possible. I may pick it up sometime in the future.

Maybe. ; )
Weldroid wrote on 17/12/08, 9:50 am
A wonderful trip and an exciting example for how fruitful a man-machine cooperation can be. Thank you.