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#263: Solar Fields / Cocoon Moon
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The Kahvi Christmas release 2008:

Finally its here and its something just a little bit special. Kahvi is proud to present the one and only Magnus Birgersson (otherwise known as Solar Fields). To coincide with the release of Mirrors Edge on a console near you which Magnus created the soundtrack for, we've got four tracks of delectible works from the fantastic back catalogue of the Swedish electronic pioneer.

We've teamed up with Ultimae to bring a four track selection - a couple of Solar Fields best known works with a couple lesser known works which even the most die hard fan may not have heard. The tracks are from the following albums:

Inherit Velocity, extract from Reflective Frequencies,
Infection_268-7, extract from Blue Moon Station,
Cocoon Moon (Glastonbury festival edit), extract from Leaving Home,

PLEASE NOTE: You must not use any of the tracks in this release for any purposes (other than streaming) without contacting Kahvi and asking permission first. Due to these being previous commercial releases on Ultimae, extra clearance needs to be granted.

He has also been featured in an interview at music4games in which he talks about his work and inspirations as well as compiled a va compilation of some of the best up and coming artists on ultimae in the shape of Ease Division.

Track of choice is Feelings with its deep analogue warmth and additive tones. I don't need to tell you any more about the music, its Solar Fields!

Kahvi wishes a Merry Christmas to all its listeners.

See you with more of the best free electronica in 2009!

MusicalDNA wrote on 15/01/09, 11:50 am
is this available in FLAC?
brioskj wrote on 08/01/09, 8:00 am
A great release made by a great artist that ends an year of magic music :)
Daffy wrote on 08/01/09, 12:21 am
Wow, great release and great artist. Congrats on releasing this one.
dragondeluz wrote on 01/01/09, 3:21 am
Exclente esta demasiado bueno, gracias.
nightmorph wrote on 24/12/08, 7:28 am
I love it. Fantastic storytelling in each track. The opening track smoothly slides from provocative ambient to meaty, beaty cool rhythms.

Kahvi first introduced me to Ultimae Records when they released an EP by Hol Baumann, and Ultimae's entire catalog is filled with amazing, outstanding artists. Solar Fields included. Some phenomenal stuff here. If I could give it six stars, I would!
Curious Inversions wrote on 22/12/08, 10:54 pm
...As someone who's watched Solar Fields evolve since MP3.com days (Inherit Velocity was one of my favourite tracks back then, but it was a different version!), I'm totally pleased to see stuff from Studio Jupiter make it to Kahvi's shores. ; )

But even more so, I'm pleased to see the partnership with Ultimae continue; it's one of select few worthwhile electronic labels out there.

Couldn't think of a better EP to end the year on; probably the best release here in 2008. (Hmmmn... Human Sampler is a possible contender, though)...

While I'm at it, honorable mentions to: Tom Bragl/(both releases), Mikael Fyrek/A Thousand Years and One/, and Reii/We Fade Away.

...And I feel like I'm missing something...
rubicante wrote on 22/12/08, 10:21 pm
Outstanding release from one of the biggest and best labels out there. I was more than a little surprised to see another friend from ultimae grace the archive, but im certainly not questioning our good luck this year! This release has everything a person could want, from the fast paced Goa influenced 'Infection 268-7', to the chilled (and surprisingly kahvi'esque') 'Feelings' from Mr. Solar Fields up and coming album 'Movements'. Whats so special about this particular release though, is its quality and diversity in style. Im very happy Mr Fields was able to release this fine EP on kahvi, and rest assured I will be playing it throughout the holiday season!

Merry Christmas to all the artists and supporters here at kahvi and for the wonderful job they do!
deepgoa wrote on 22/12/08, 11:38 am
merry christmas & thX u 4 the great music
moroza_knozova wrote on 22/12/08, 11:29 am
nice, thanks!
Barefoot wrote on 22/12/08, 9:57 am

It'd be great if your reviews included more information about the style of music. I skim over perhaps 30-50 reviews a week, and often don't bother to listen to music unless the review gives me some indication of style.

Thanks for the work you put in here. I and many like me really appreciate it.

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