[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #267: Das Kraftfuttermischwerk / Im Garten der Schneekugel - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
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#267: Das Kraftfuttermischwerk / Im Garten der Schneekugel
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I first ran into these guys while listening to spacemusic podcast - the style of the track was instantly addictive. After contacting them they kindly agreed to come up with a release for Kahvi Collective, and here is the result!

Im Garten der Scheekugel (In the garden of the snowglobe) constists of twelve tracks of interesting and provocative tracks, simplistic beats mixed in with techno/idm influences with a slightly industrial edge. The guys in question? Das Kraftfuttermischwerk, both hailing from the former east of Germany.

Check out their bio for an in depth briefing of how they came about and their inspiration. Watch out for the special remix from our very own Planet Boelex (track thirteen).

Tracks of note: Richtung Hauptbahnhof, Nachts bei mir (which actually sounds reminicient of one of my very own tracks - Inside out) and Uhlenhorst. Translations of all track names can be found in the zips.

drez wrote on 17/06/09, 12:57 am
this is an excellent album, much thanks
KVx wrote on 04/05/09, 10:26 am
Beautiful stuff here! I have listened to it a LOT. Nice to chill to, and drive to. These guys and Ambientium are both on my end of year donation list. Can this be topped in the next 8 months?

One small gripe- track 4, "Nachts bei mir", has 30-seconds of silence at the end. I can chop that off with an editor, but you might want to fix it. It's pretty much the only blemish on this incredible album.
nightmorph wrote on 30/04/09, 9:01 am
This is good stuff. Very laid-back. Almost jazzy, it's so smooth. Yet it's deeper than that -- there's an intriguing spacey feel to it, just ambient enough to resemble a well-done chill scifi soundtrack. It makes for very pleasant, relaxing listening.
jefco wrote on 19/04/09, 11:19 am
Im loving it too. One of the best for a while on here. And theres been some great stuff lately!
ambientium wrote on 16/04/09, 1:57 pm
...sorry for my bad english in the previous post... ;) but i'm really diggin' this album and needed to write a review...
ambientium wrote on 16/04/09, 1:25 pm
the first track i didn't get yet :) i'll give it some time.

second track feels like you are lost at some airport or a really big train station and discover the secret places with hidden people, floor cleaners, lights, arrows and signs. icons are everywhere you look during your walk through the maze of corridors and halls.

in the third track i am sitting at a small springlet, secured by the shade of big trees all over me. the sunbeams which found their way down to the bottom are slightly stroking my face and I have my eyes closed and listen to the harmony of peace in the woodland around.

fourth track "by me at night" reminds me the night in the living room on ending LSD trip, all is calm, i'm just sitting and looking at the trippy lamp with fluid inside where some blobs of wax or whatever float up and down and change the shape, merge and dissolve, and i can see the reflection of all cosmic phenomenons there.

fifth track "fit for sea" uncovers me the life of a fisherman who prepares an old ship very early in the morning to sail. later, i'm sitting on the deck of this ship in the calm sea and waiting for the sense of life to be uncovered... ocean speaks to me....

in the the sixth track, "the old school house", it's late saturday afternoon and i'm walking around and inside the old school building which looks and feels a little mysteriously like an abandoned old factory. windows are broken and sunlight is painting on the walls where children's images used to be in the distant past. this place uncovers old memories hidden very deep inside....the free-minded childhood, smile and happyness.

seventh track, "string a", lets me to see how superstrings interact to develop different types of matter. you wouldn't believe how hard work it is to keep the cosmos stable. but when you take a proper microscope and observe this formicary at planck lengths you will know that what looks like chaos at the first sight, is very well self-organized system, which you can trust. a substance of our universe... :)

track number eight, "springheat", shows the situation now (16.4.2009) in the central europe. clear blue sky, warm, everything is growing and flowering, birds are narrowly building the nests, bees seeking the nectar on the large meadow far away from civilization. every creature in nimble movments...

i can see green leaves in the nineth track "breakfast in the sun", turning to the sun to effectively receive all possible light. then i'm zooming in the leaves and observe how the photosynthesis technically works. i see the cells transforming the energy and feeding the light as one the best example of really ecological engine.

track no. ten, "in the bungalow in winter", shows an old man sitting in the living room looking in the fireplace in a deep meditative mood. this guy knows really a lot about life. moreover, he knows that it's impossible to share this knowledge which could seem to be a little bit frustrating but the frustration has been removed from his way of thinking long time ago. this guy just IS while a small snowflakes are slowly falling down outside the house...

"the owlnest", track number eleven, reminds me how the human brain evaluates events and compares it with the overall wisdom. the process of making the decision, matching patterns and discovering new possiblities is clearly visible here. many layers are processing the information, transcoding the nerve impulses and various neurotransimtters are in the relay race...

there is a small drop falling down in the track no. twelve "the red cathedral". it's a hidden cathedral - the stalactical cave. we are the first observers thanking gods for letting us observe this beautiful place.

"the old school house" remixed by planet boelex shows the atmosphere of the old school house in sharper contours. i can remember that headmaster was working in that room over there. the memories are here again, i remember my first school loves and innocence, idealism, naivety…

i would remove the first track because to me it doesn't make sense with the rest of this album, but i admit that it's very relative feeling. anyway, it's perfect work, warm sound full of peace which reminds me legendary substrata from biosphere a little bit. great chill with dub flavor, exacly what i love! good work guys, keep it up!
Dewed wrote on 15/04/09, 10:00 pm
Nice Sound
brioskj wrote on 15/04/09, 3:43 pm
Very nice release.
It sounds professional throughout.
My favourite track is 'saite a'. Is it the sound of the future?
deepgoa wrote on 15/04/09, 12:10 pm
thX! 4 the sound

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