[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #275: Abyssal Plains / Fourth Quadrant of the Mandala - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
#275: Abyssal Plains / Fourth Quadrant of the Mandala
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Abyssal Plains sent me an email a while back about a new album that he'd recently completed and released via digital distribution - after some tense negotiation, I can now give you a small sampler of that very album!

This release sees 4 tracks from the sublime 'Fourth Quadrant of the Mandala' in the usual superb quality that we can expect from Abyssal Plains - but this time we hear Abyssal Plains crank it up a notch with some cool vibes in 'Dali Dream' (this releases track of choice for me) and excellent beat driven oldskool electronic melodies in 'Dragonfly'. This one will be on my permanent playlist for some time and I think you'll agree that its a worthy addition to yours. Enjoy this great work from Abyssal Plains.

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ap wrote on 11/03/10, 4:55 pm
Many thanks to you KvX, and to the others who bought it.

I'm delighted you like it and hope the others do too!

KvX wrote on 26/12/09, 1:14 am
This demo sold me on buying the full album. Worth every penny, and then some. Great stuff!
Wingening wrote on 07/12/09, 10:08 pm
Heh, I like how in the Metropolis tune you can hear it's inspired by Kraftwerk's song of the same name. Subtly done, bravo!
Some1 wrote on 24/10/09, 3:44 am
A greate release, as every album of Abyssal Plains!
I really love it, and those tracks were an exelent choice, thanks man.

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