[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #286: Aleksi Eeben / A little man entered a big village - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
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#286: Aleksi Eeben / A little man entered a big village
M3U FMP3  Tracks : 7
Aleksi Eeben, being a man who doesn't take his music too seriously, decided he would like his new ep released on April Fools day (by popular request, due to a comment on his previous ep). And here we are, a seven track selection by the master himself.

We have some rather strange and odd tracks, such as the first of the ep. In his usual, semi random style, the piece has distinctive 'chip tune' overtones. However, its later on in the ep that the real wow factor begins.

Linen & Linseed is probably one of those tracks that you'll put in your permanent playlist. I've listened to it no end of times and its got that 'addictive' quality. The force is strong in this one. Also, check out Le Prince Enorme which features one of the greatest lead sounds I've heard in a good while.

A fun release for this time of year, to blow away the winter and welcome in the spring.
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A-Lin wrote on 19/02/11, 4:20 pm
Amazing! This guy is a genius! I can't believe I'm enjoying so much these atonal melodic phrases. Gotta study that...
Distortion wrote on 16/06/10, 2:39 pm
This isn't the kind of music I'll listen to for very long but your music does put a smile on my face listening the first time. I like it even though it isn't my genre, good job!
delrio wrote on 04/04/10, 12:21 pm
The title track on this EP has to be one of my favorite songs in all of the Kahvi world. :D