[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #295: Trx / Distant Happiness EP - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
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#295: Trx / Distant Happiness EP
M3U FMP3  Tracks : 4
You may recognise the name Trx after he appeared on a previous release as a remix artist. I heard from Trx soon after this release saying he had an EP in a similar style to the remix, and being hugely impressed by that, I gave it a listen.

The resulting release is four tracks of some truly interesting and enlightening sounds, inspired by other Kahvi regulars like Mikael Fyrek and Planet Boelex. Complex and intricate, with small, hidden, timbres, this EP is one to give you a short but sweet break from the harsh pace of life.

Tracks of choice: The subtle and delicate 'bells' and the epic and inspirational 'insomnia keeps the nightmares away'. Welcome Trx once again to Kahvi, and lets hope to hear from him again in the future.

qfoV3K2G4Y wrote on 26/04/16, 12:42 pm
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trx wrote on 02/10/10, 9:57 am
Thank you so much to all for the kind words! Reading this is really inspirational for me!
Suecae wrote on 30/09/10, 7:34 am
Absolutely amazing sound and breathing songs. A true listening pleasure.
Salinea wrote on 19/09/10, 9:20 am
I think my res is too high for the codes x.x BUt really...loving this sound. I'm a big fan of FF RPGs and this really gives a very nice...something big/important is happening kinda vibe. Love! <3
nightmorph wrote on 05/09/10, 8:24 am
Like I wrote in my review on LiveJournal, this album is soothing, spacious, with an intensely mellow vibe. I love his style! This one, though short and sweet, gets a solid 5 stars.

What else has Trx done besides the Moodix remix? Like Weldroid and brioskj, I want more!
brioskj wrote on 03/09/10, 4:01 pm
The last track is just fantastic.We want more!
Rags wrote on 03/09/10, 2:34 pm
Lets not forget about `noone knows` either! :-) And some bonus points for combining ambient bliss with glass-breaking, bone-resonating beats.