[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #314: Sebastien Marchal / Synesthesia - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
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#314: Sebastien Marchal / Synesthesia
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Sebastien Marchal may not be a familiar name to you, but his alter ego Workbench may be more recognisable! Branching out into a more ambient direction, Sebastien has created a truly epic ep of 7 tracks but with a playing time of over 70 minutes!

In the true spirit of Brian Eno and Steve Roach, the tracks continually evolve and build until the listener finds themselves in the depths of something quite special.

Tracks of choice: Red, and the monumental Synesthesia at 16 minutes of playtime!
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Krizz wrote on 17/06/12, 9:43 pm
There are albums that are awesome. That's obvious. What makes an album extraordinary? In many cases it's because they contain all awesome tracks. Sometimes only few awesome tracks are enough to call an album awesome, while the rest of tracks are decent. It's pretty uncommon to get an awesome album pulled by one track. But that's how the things were for me with latest Sebastien Marchal's album.
As the title says, it's very synthetic music. At the first listening it was like "nice, nice, sounds good, better than usual Kahvi stuff". To find a gem in it is not quite common. Sebastien's last album didn't sound like a gem from the first listen, until the last track, "Green", struck my ears. There is something about this piece of music that made me look differently for the whole contents of the album. "Green" is pure poetry. Soothing, smooth, soft, floating. Yes, that's the feeling when I'm listening to it - like floating just above the level of clouds, looking up into blue, limitless space. Simple chords, yet amazing taste of melody makes it exceptionally spacey. I'm pretty convinced every fan of early Jean Michel Jarre will love it, even though it's nothing like JMJ. I also have a strong resemblance of music by Ultimae label, so every electronic chillout fan will also love it, I'm sure about it. Another great thing about this album is it's coherence - sound is so compact, so along with unified expression of every track the album gains the suite-like reception, even though tracks are not blending with each other.
MDQCopter wrote on 06/03/12, 7:06 pm
Very good music!
OJay wrote on 17/01/12, 6:49 pm
Was just browsing through some new releases when this masterpiece got into my ears... Absolutely stunning work! Every track is a trip into another musical landscape. Excellent album! Thanks for sharing this with us!
kale wrote on 04/12/11, 8:33 pm
Well, it was perfect timing to check this old bookmark of kahvi collective in firefox :D. Beautiful music.
SNR wrote on 28/10/11, 1:14 am
Every track with a colour name has that colour it in for me, and so much more. I've seen a lot of beautiful music, but this one gets to go into my 'most beautiful music' list.
Bibio wrote on 26/10/11, 12:23 am
Absolutely stunning. Thank you Mr Marchal for turning the light on, in my heart. When all around me is dark, your music is a beacon of hope.
ossi wrote on 11/10/11, 9:57 am
Having listened to this album from mr Marchal's website, prior to Kahvi release, I can say it's one of my favourite netlabel releases this year. Well done, Sir!

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Bobe-On wrote:
Panta Rhei (4TT)- "Greek quotation attributed to Heracleitus: All things are in flux." Another thumb up on YT....
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A belated welcome back, micksam7... Well, summer's finally in full swing under a July sky... No cute little Christmas tree but that's ok. I can wait.
21:09 19.04.23
jimantha wrote:
Really cool music! I am loving "The Human Condition" from Crossroads
10:44 12.04.23
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micksam7 has returned!
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micksam7 wrote:
Mirror links should be back online -- I know it's been a few years, hope you all are doing ok!
20:12 13.02.23
ZiP wrote:
I love Kahvi & all the artists. That is all.
05:16 31.12.22
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Thanks for the clarifications, 4T.
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Rephazer is a different artist to Polaski
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No. Finland.
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"4T wrote: We have snow in Finland still in May" ~ 4T ...Didn't you take over Kahvi but were based in the UK?

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