[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #320: 4T Thieves / A moment of clarity - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
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#320: 4T Thieves / A moment of clarity
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Time for the Kahvi Christmas release. This year you can find a mixture of work from yours truly, with some very old tracks mixed in with some very new tracks. This release could be viewed as a progression of my techniques over the years, some tracks are better than others but I hope you enjoy them all the same!

At the beginning of this year I wrote some new tracks (A moment of clarity and A moment of power) which I put aside to release as part of a 'old vs new' album. And here is the result.

There are some huge tracks in this album, and the quality varies. The tracks are as follows:

Dreamtime - previously released on Monotonik back in 2000 but a good addition to the discography

Ethnospace - never before released. I wrote this back in 1996 using my old Amiga 1200 and a variety of hardware synths which were linked by Midi.

Jubjub - another track written back in 1996. I love the textures in this and the Roland JD800 appears a lot.

Sigmajunk - a strange track written in 1996 but features some classic old analogue retro synths.

Fillter (live) is one of the new tracks, entirely recorded live with realtime manipulation of the sounds while performing

A moment of clarity - another epic new track featuring entirely software synths
Stars in St. Petersburg I & II - recorded live while I was constructing the tracks, the entire track progression was realtime with only the base sequence created. The tracks lead on to each other. The 2nd track has a truly epic ending with a heavy acid JD800 lead sound. Please enjoy this selection of past creations and enjoy them for what they are - an archive of my work.
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Aion wrote on 20/04/12, 5:11 pm
Very nice compilation of mid 90's sounding electronic music, elements of Warp and other chilled out labels from back in the hay-day of the MIDI home studio. Nice bright synth sounds and effects throughout. Dreamtime would sit happily on any early Warp or StateOfTheArt compilation; blissful early morning synth pads. Fillter is a really nice BoC style instrumental piece. The title track is another nice synth piece with hints of Speedy J in there. Towards the end showing influences from the rave scene all the way up to banging techno. All in all a very pleasant trip down memory lane, great work 4T...
alkor wrote on 12/04/12, 5:59 pm
Dreamtime sounds a little bit like Aphex Twin - On, a nice melodic reminder of the 90's. Yet with modern colours and timbres.