[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #338: Tetarise / Orange Mood - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
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#338: Tetarise / Orange Mood
M3U FMP3  Tracks : 6
The following EP appeared in my mailbox recently, and so impressed with the tracks that the VA for 2013 has now been moved to a later release date. Tetarise is the artist, you may be familiar with previous releases on netlabels from him. Every release is extreme high quality with some of the finest sounds I've heard from a long time.

Orange Mood is a six track EP of such epic quality, I think this will be on your permanent playlist for years to come. Amazing arpeggios mixed in with epic pads and basses create a feel good and certainly mindblowing sound we've not heard at Kahvi for quite some time (I think the last EP to do this was Plokcity by Berestez which everybody was taken with).

Track of choice for this new Tetarise fan is most definately Aquamarine, which is just.. fantastic. Enjoy this release and see you next month!
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abiogenesis wrote on 18/02/14, 3:59 pm
It's beautiful!
syndae wrote on 10/11/13, 6:14 pm
Stunning! Love it.
hmhm wrote on 30/10/13, 2:11 pm
ද - Cloud Swamp blows my mind!
TommeH wrote on 29/10/13, 3:54 pm
This is most definitely epic. It has taken me back to place I missed, I'm glad I decided to check up on the latest releases! Thanks 4T and Tetarise.
Lubik wrote on 29/10/13, 9:05 am
More than just "Excellent" :]
AI wrote on 27/10/13, 9:03 am