[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #341: Reii / Fixme - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
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#341: Reii / Fixme
M3U FMP3  Tracks : 5
The second of the Christmas lineup for 2013 is a welcome return to one of the Kahvi favourites - Reii!

Back from the depths of Russia, we have a five track ep (playing time 30 minutes) of some of the coolest ambient and easy listening tracks to hit Kahvi this year. But of course, you expect no less from Reii!

Some amazing depth features in the tracks, with a slightly 'imperfect edge' to the tracks, giving them more of a human feel. Love Is is an epic journey into sound, where sqnc3 is a fantastic look at just how great arpeggios can sound with a master at the controls! Each track is a work of art, so enjoy this fantastic EP before the Kahvi Christmas release 2013!
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Neon_Lego_phoenix wrote on 26/01/14, 5:27 pm
Hot diggity new Reii!
abiogenesis wrote on 05/01/14, 10:38 pm
Track "SQNC3" just blows my mind away...
Alex the borg wrote on 22/12/13, 12:22 pm
This 'imperfect edge' is something that is so lacking in many ambient (and not limited to!) musical offerings, that it is being deliberately imitated and crudely inserted... I'd rather call it "Organic" here, so there is a clearer indication of Human presence inside or behind it, be it Analogue or Digital... All in all, a very nice effort and a praise worthy one! P.S. Do drones dream of bamboo flutes? ;)
Daz26 wrote on 18/12/13, 10:29 pm
Very nice.