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#351: Various / Threads
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It's the Kahvi Christmas release 2014! Threads is a culmination of a year of gathering submissions, processing, mastering and finally compiling this 40 track release for your listening pleasure!

Kahvi listeners will recognise some artists, some regular appearances along with a couple of rare visitors appear within Threads, and then as usual this is a great opportunity to showcase some up and coming artists.

Playing time is 3 hours 20 minutes! And for the first time ever, a FLAC version is available over at our new Bandcamp page. There is no minimum amount to download but please consider supporting the artists involved!

Complete playlist follows:

1. Cinema Within - Drifting into a dreamlike state
2. Ambientium - The beam
3. Moodix - Porky big
4. Pece - We used to have ideals
5. Data Rebel vs Planet Boelex - Lost in dam central vs Exist (Planet Boelex Rebel rework)
6. A2B2C2 - Deus
7. Madstyle - Dark distance
8. Solaris Sound System - Bells of resurrection
9. Risch - Ishiki
10. Coax - The spirit
11. Caroline Jago - Threads
12. Personunknown - Yellow lines unbroken
13. Yimino - Mr pastry
14. Alexander Chereshnev - Radiomoloko
15. Madstyle - Ruhe pol
16. Moroza Knozova - Haziondr
17. MigloJE - Pherek ksyon
18. Alkor - To the earth and back
19. Madstyle - Tension
20. Leniad - Farfields
21. Anonymous3 - The soft cell
22. Lackluster - Leaving
23. Curious Inversions - Thread on the water
24. Faex Optim - Schwarzgerat
25. Yimino - Niblik
26. Exosphere - In every soul
27. Madstyle - In hope of mystic
28. Aairial - Memories of a water drop
29. Leniad - Snowy 1
30. Wookiee - Solar wind
31. Data Rebel - Continuum filter
32. 4T Thieves - Cup of real time
33. Spherecore - To get her
34. Opaeq - Roatan 14
35. Suecae Sounds - Spirit level
36. Weldroid - Walking on a thin line
37. Sektor & Clio - Shii
38. Ambientium - Caves
39. Opaeq - Kusa
40. 4T Thieves - Moon forest (Threads version)

Cover artwork is by Anto once again and is available to buy on Society6. Mastering is by Mnemonic Studios. Thanks to all the great artists that made this release happen! Kahvi Collective wishes all listeners and fans a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2015!
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PenguinSmokingPotatoe wrote on 20/02/15, 9:05 am
No, the bandcamp entry works just fine.

It would have been nice to have the links to the homepages or sites of the bands. The track by Coax is really cool.
Berkut wrote on 27/01/15, 7:29 am
Is it only me or does the M3U playlist not work correctly? It opens only a PHP file.
Suecae wrote on 30/12/14, 1:39 am
So great to see it out. So many lovely tracks. Honored to be a part of it! :)
4T wrote on 22/12/14, 12:37 pm
Bandcamp was giving false errors saying it was processing files when it wasn't. I'm reuploading 21 tracks which will be completed soon.
lerpyderp wrote on 22/12/14, 11:48 am
The bandcamp page doesn't seem to work. :(

Oneliner! (255 max, alpha only)
13:16 5.04.24
a(seven) wrote:
long live kahvi!
13:15 5.04.24
a(seven) wrote:
long live kahvi!
06:46 4.03.24
ruenoak wrote:
Glad to see this site is still running and updated
07:54 22.12.23
Bobe-On wrote:
Happy Winter Solstice, Kahviheads. The days now get longer while the little tree and script snow somehow warm me up. <3
19:05 14.12.23
Daz26 wrote:
Christmas trees back!!!! ?
20:16 20.07.23
Bobe-On wrote:
Panta Rhei (4TT)- "Greek quotation attributed to Heracleitus: All things are in flux." Another thumb up on YT....
04:08 15.07.23
Bobe-On wrote:
A belated welcome back, micksam7... Well, summer's finally in full swing under a July sky... No cute little Christmas tree but that's ok. I can wait.
21:09 19.04.23
jimantha wrote:
Really cool music! I am loving "The Human Condition" from Crossroads
10:44 12.04.23
4T wrote:
micksam7 has returned!
15:24 7.04.23
micksam7 wrote:
Mirror links should be back online -- I know it's been a few years, hope you all are doing ok!

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