[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #357: Faex Optim / Mercury - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
#357: Faex Optim / Mercury
M3U FMP3  Tracks : 8
A special release this month. To coincide with Netlabel Day 2015, we welcome back our very own Faex Optim.

Known otherwise as the missing third member of Boards of Canada, Optim's works build on the same sentimental, atmospheric and detailed style and methodology yet he goes just that little bit further with this eight track EP entitled 'Mercury'.

Building up from Cyclemagic, which is a fantastic introduction to the whole EP and taking us on a dreamy journey from one textured masterpiece to another, with epic tracks such as Thanet Well and Atlas 9, mixed in with smaller teasers to keep you waiting for more.

Extra credits for this release: Mastering by Mnemonic Studios, and superb cover artwork by our very own Anto whose artwork has appeared on many Kahvi releases over the years.

A high quality lossless version is available at our Bandcamp page.

Favorite tracks: Cyclemagic, Atlas 9, Middle moon. Well, all of them really. If you're a Boards of Canada fan, you're going to love this amazing EP!
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sfsix wrote on 02/02/16, 3:36 am
atlas 9 is sooo addicting :)
Bobe-On wrote on 18/07/15, 5:34 am
Faex Optim, I have decided to rename my copy of your 'Cyclemagic' to 'Lumpenproletariat (Alive)', after Jackson's work...

"He described the lumpenproletariat as 'one of the most spontaneous and the most radically revolutionary forces of a colonized people'. However, it is an ignorant and desperate class, particularly susceptible to being co-opted by counterrevolutionary forces. Therefore, he claimed, education of the dispossessed masses should be central to revolutionary strategy." ~ Wikipedia, entry, 'Lumpenproletariat'

We may not be able to have astronauts without coercive taxation. And coercion-- essentially, violence-- is unethical. But it's all perfectly legal. Therefore, the nation-state ('crony-capitalist plutarchy') structure is fundamentally unethical. And it creates most, if not all, social problems we have today, like landlessness, homelessness, poverty, crime, social unrest, war and, yes, ecocide.
Jackson's Lumpenproletariat survives in his space suit, borne of his own culture (represented in the block he stands on), in different ways, hence the fragments and different grains and materials of his suit.

I guess you already know that Boards of Canada understand some of this by their album, Tomorrow's Harvest.

Bobe-On wrote on 16/07/15, 11:26 pm
Every once and awhile, I'll get a tune that gets 'overplayed': Cyclemagic's the most recent. Congrats, Faex Optim.
tota wrote on 12/07/15, 11:28 am
It's way better than Boards of Canada. Thank you for this awesome release!

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