Latest releases
31.01/2016#366: Excerpt One by K.Markov   (10 tracks)[Ambient]
21.12/2015#365: Waves by Various   (50 tracks)[Electronic]
17.12/2015#364: The Minotaur's Head by Mint   (6 tracks)[Oldschool]
11.12/2015#363: Stop this moment by Tetarise   (5 tracks)[Electronic]
22.11/2015#362: Electro Future by Jim Black   (10 tracks)[Oldschool]
16.11/2015#361: Analogue 100101 by Anonymous3   (6 tracks)[Oldschool]
28.10/2015#360: Distance by Realm   (7 tracks)[Ambient]
27.09/2015#359: Salad Shark... in Space! by Salad Shark   (8 tracks)[Chill]

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Release #210 : Abyssal Plains / Hemispherical Sky
After the popular premier of abyssal plains on kahvi a while back, he's back once again with a four track ep. hemispherical sky is a slightly differen.....(more) - [Listen now : M3U] [Kahvi Spotlight]

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01.01/2016Welcome 2016
22.12/2014Kahvi now has a Bandcamp page!
18.11/2012Join Kahvi on Mixcloud!
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Oneliner! (255 max, alpha only)
09:22 25.12.15
Nick wrote:
Thanks again for another great annual VA release. Festive well wishes.
13:57 10.12.15
4T wrote:
You don't upload stuff. You submit tracks and then A&R sees if they are suitable to release. All releases are handpicked.
08:46 10.12.15
Simon wrote:
How do you upload stuff here?
07:55 10.12.15
Bobe-On wrote:
@adam_smith: Google Permaea. If an alternative is not arrived at on our own volition, this dystopia will undemocratically (as usual) create one for us.
22:37 17.11.15
Anonymous3 wrote:
Hope you all enjoy my first release through the Kahvi Collective. Peace!
20:53 17.11.15
adagio wrote:
Interstellar civilization doesn't capitalism nor communism
16:06 7.11.15
adam_smith wrote:
@Bobe-On 'Crony capitalism doesn't work', and the alternative is? Communism?
17:55 6.11.15
DH000 wrote:
@Bobe-On Completely true.
06:14 26.10.15
Bobe-On wrote:
Hey Polaski, not in a gift economy. Crony capitalism doesn't work and is trashing the planet! Want to pay for music? Go the for-money-profit trash route then.
07:08 23.10.15
DH000 wrote:
Better than pop. Every time.