Latest releases
14.11/2017#394: Repetition and Motion by Yomgaille   (6 tracks)[Electronic]
02.11/2017#393: My Steps Lead Backwards by Macronoise   (4 tracks)[Easy Listening]
14.10/2017#392: Ambient Road by Noizefilter Music   (9 tracks)[Ambient]
01.10/2017#391: Music Book by Andrew Sprrw   (9 tracks)[IDM]
14.09/2017#390: Holiday Mixtape by Rephazer   (9 tracks)[IDM]
01.09/2017#389: Phantasmagoria by Light Pillar   (8 tracks)[Electronic]
20.08/2017#388: Flat Circle EP by Modulatia   (7 tracks)[IDM]
13.07/2017#387: Tangents by Various   (27 tracks)[IDM]

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Release #123 : Audio Cephlon / Flotilla EP
A familiar name to some of you, audio cephlon, a resident musician of australia takes kahvi back to its roots - good old fashioned mellow idm with a s.....(more) - [Listen now : M3U] [Kahvi Spotlight]

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01.01/2017Welcome 2017
22.12/2014Kahvi now has a Bandcamp page!
18.11/2012Join Kahvi on Mixcloud!
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19.08/2012Don't forget to download some wallpaper!

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04:08 1.10.17
4T wrote:
There is no block to download any releases from any country
14:53 30.09.17
MaRsun wrote:
Just used German VPN to download releases... Not for Russia, why?
13:10 29.09.17
setthemfree wrote:
re: m3u links. I relied on them with
12:20 26.08.17
4T wrote:
Latest mix from Polaski is on our Mixcloud page
21:20 24.08.17
freddymilton wrote:
oh yes indeed!!!!!:-)
16:26 24.08.17
Dj Polaski wrote:
Kahvi needs some new polaski mixes :)
13:34 10.08.17
4T wrote:
m3u links aren't supported as nobody was using them. They'll be replaced with something more up to date when the site gets updated. Better to use Mixcloud to listen to the release before downloading.
10:04 2.08.17
setThemFree wrote:
The m3u links don't work for recent releases...
16:16 15.06.17
MaRsun wrote:
Nice Music
21:26 18.05.17
freddymilton wrote:
migloje is somehow a bit frightening, but still hq!