[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #156: Mint / Frosted Glass EP - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
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#156: Mint / Frosted Glass EP
M3U FMP3  Tracks : 5
Welcome once again to mint, uk based electronic/techno musician. its oldskool vibes aplenty with this five track ep, ranging from very orbital-esque melodies to those off key leads we all know and love. quality production throughout, a different feeling for each track and as usual, the delectable mint style.
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oMWkVPmvrZj wrote on 26/04/16, 9:41 pm
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okiedokieonlsd wrote on 18/01/11, 7:57 pm
Frosted Glass EP: Is like eating a pizza with hundreds of ingredients and still taste good. Mind blowing EP.
dale wrote on 05/11/09, 7:41 am
I realize this release has been out for quite a while, but I hadn't heard it in a long time. I had my player set to shuffle on a directory full of kavhi music. I hit 'Buttercup' from this release after about an hour and a half of random playing, and it caused me to stop working and figure out what was playing. I played all the tracks in this release, and I think 'Buttercup' is the best. All of the tracks are very well done. A very clean sound with a nice array of textures.
establish wrote on 30/06/08, 5:32 am
Nice Site!
Nickchen wrote on 01/05/08, 9:37 pm
Gave it rather high ratings at first time listening, as the overall sound is quite pleasant. Later, I asked myself: What's the point?

Basic conception of each song is ready after a minute, and for the remainder of playing time, this mushy wall of sound jingles on and on. Boring. There isn't even much tension when you switch over to the next song, as ideas and sounds are kinda recycled again and again.

Awright, that was for ş - Ţ. In ţ (Sacred Valley), Mint shows some different, more minimalistic style with lots of gaps and surprises. Things really build up here, thumbs up. This piece works, as there is development. More of this please, Mint. Don't try to be complex - less is more, as we see here.
Cameronperone wrote on 01/05/08, 9:37 pm
This is a great track... the beat starts of very thick and gets deeper throughout the song. Excellent to groove to in Tel Aviv.
Guest wrote on 01/05/08, 9:37 pm
Thank god. I feel good. These are good sounds.
Neuronaut wrote on 01/05/08, 9:37 pm
Very very beautiful!!!!Megathanxx!!! :D
Rbmarcom wrote on 01/05/08, 9:36 pm
really !!! i love you. respect ! & thx for this colored minutes of feeling good in this world we live.............thx! & kisses

--peace out
Rubicante wrote on 01/05/08, 9:36 pm

Very Good EP!

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Myron Gaines wrote:
Would I be allowed to use Kahvi music as background music in a (free) video released on odysee.com?
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Wow! I'm really glad to see the Kahvi Collective back online :-)
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For the past few releases, it always takes a few days before the downloads work, is scene.org being difficult?
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ruenoak wrote:
Great to see the site back up I've missed it

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