[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #213: Stud / Greetings, Fatherland! - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
#213: Stud / Greetings, Fatherland!
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Stud, now theres a name from the past. After not appearing on Kahvi for much time, Stud returns with (apparently) his final release under the artist name 'Stud'. Of course, we've heard before that he was retiring but since then theres been two more releases but this man of mystery from moscow never ceases to surprise. In this case, Greetings, Fatherland! (perhaps a reference to stage musicals of the old days?) is a pure example of idm at its best. Heavily influenced by Boards of Canada (Kahvi's favourite group) Stud produces some occasionally quirky but always exciting and interesting vibes. Gumcase is darkness defined, whereas shurup is nicely driven by quirky beats. A well balanced, well thought out and great to listen to release from Stud.
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Keedpr1 wrote on 01/05/08, 4:52 pm
i won't say a lot. just that Russian music always been different. this Moscow lad knows what he is doing. don't give it up!
Rubicante wrote on 01/05/08, 4:52 pm
Wow, I admit I was really excited to listen to this release. How long has it been since stud released on kahvi?

be nice - Odd and dark track, with chopped disembodied vocals...The overall beauty of the song lies within the amount of depth and warmth of the samples, probably wont be everyones cup of tea, however its definitely an interesting way to start off the 'stud' new release.

respawn - Wow! radical change of atmosphere here. You emerge from the darkness only to 'respawn' (chuckle chuckle) in a warm, upbeat soundscape. Fun track and one of my favorites on this ep.

gumcase - well, it looks like we took the stairs back down into the darkness...This track is riddled with glitchy, unnerving sounds, only to emerge is the occasional piano note that comes out of nowhere.

moan - The sampled vocals are very nice in this track... I cant help but admire the way everything is destroyed and stitched together.

shurup - This is a fun little track. Playful, light psychedelic sounds permeate the air in this track with slightly disharmonic leads give this a really genuine feel to it.

transforming desire - A chaotic and complex track with some strong breaks and bass. Occasionaly a light melody will come along and counteract the deep sound this song has, but it does it very gracefully.

nunchaku demo - Lo-fi track with a warm nostalgic feeling about it. I cant put my finger on it, but I am reminded of something long since past when I hear this song...

confident gait - I think stud created a new genre with this song, the whirr's and guitar are certainly strange and really create an abstract atmosphere that builds very slowly over the course of the track.

eighteen nerves - Wonderful futuristic track with terrific pads and basslines. All the pops, clicks and whistles you could expect from a nice ambient/idm track.

take care - Favorite song on the track. Wistful and lovely, yet so short and sweet. Its true the best things in life come and leave so fast! Until we meet again stud.
Klemperer wrote on 01/05/08, 4:52 pm
When searching in the back-catalogue:-) first, nothing in this truly great musical output was there that I liked more than stud, so I hurried to download this, and it is charming nice music!! If this is the last we hear of "Stud", please let us know what the new name will be... Wonderful music, at times calm, at times funny. The only few seconds I don't like are the a tiny bit too loud for my taste percussions in confident gait. But that's just me, and I like the miauuuuu or what it is that comes and goes even more:-)! "take care" is one of the most haunting songs I ever heard (well I like the Legendary Pink Dots who at times can make those "landscapes" or how you want to say to it. Great work! I really am glad to be able to listen to all this.
(By the way I'm bout to move to Siberia! Only joking, but I wish I could live there for 1-3 years)

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