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#213: Stud / Greetings, Fatherland!
M3U FMP3  Tracks : 10
Stud, now theres a name from the past. After not appearing on Kahvi for much time, Stud returns with (apparently) his final release under the artist name 'Stud'. Of course, we've heard before that he was retiring but since then theres been two more releases but this man of mystery from moscow never ceases to surprise. In this case, Greetings, Fatherland! (perhaps a reference to stage musicals of the old days?) is a pure example of idm at its best. Heavily influenced by Boards of Canada (Kahvi's favourite group) Stud produces some occasionally quirky but always exciting and interesting vibes. Gumcase is darkness defined, whereas shurup is nicely driven by quirky beats. A well balanced, well thought out and great to listen to release from Stud.
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