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#253: Tom Bragl / Zerochoice
M3U FMP3  Tracks : 9
At last, after a break of nearly two months, Kahvi returns with a new delectable release! Hopefully your summer has been laced with high quality idm, mellow atmospheres and interesting beats.

To ease you back into the normal 9-5 (or perhaps send a shock through the system), we've got an exciting and invigorating nine track ep from Tom Bragl. After his first, well received release on Kahvi (#245, What tone am I?) he decided to take up the open invitation to release another fine selection of works.

Diverse in its range, 'Zerochoice' could be seen as heading towards the mainstream with its fast beats and high power 'feel good' factor but all the elements that you're used to from previous Kahvi releases are there - ranging from the truly awe inspiring 'seterror' (check out the c64 tribute) to the emotional 'my last tea'.

Track of choice: the truly epic 'Zerochoice'. Welcome back to Kahvi, Tom Bragl!
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