[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #269: Casimirs Blake / Casimir Corona - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
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#269: Casimirs Blake / Casimir Corona
M3U FMP3  Tracks : 4
This time around we welcome a new face to the fold - Casimirs Blake.

Those of you familiar with MigloJE's ambient release 'Ayesteeyah' back at #174 may hear some similarities with this ambient extravaganza from Blake.

With a slight difference - we get the lush pads, swirling textures but also the recurring melodies which could be more akin to the epic releases by Global Communication such as 76:14.

The four tracks on offer in Casimir Corona define Blakes sound, long drawn out descriptive passages, a classic Kahvi audio treat!

Enjoy this change of pace from Casimirs Blake.
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Dewed wrote on 09/06/09, 8:39 pm
Nice Set! ... it IS kinda reminiscent of 76:14
Rubicante wrote on 02/06/09, 10:03 pm
Not a bad release, but a little less melodic than I am used to! I do see one difference between 'Ayesteeyah' that the Corona Ep does not share and that is the rich idea behind what Miglo was sculpting his audio around, while this is more left to your own imagination. Nevertheless, this is a good release to put on and float away to.
brioskj wrote on 01/06/09, 2:42 pm
even if ambientish is not my favorite genre,this ep has impressed me.
Nice tracks,particularly the first one sounds great to my ears.
I agree with coax.
coax wrote on 01/06/09, 9:39 am
Wow! Gorgeous stuff!
Especially the first song there, the lingering pad in the background was beautiful.
This is music to dream away to.. Space Ambient is a nice genre :)

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20:12 13.02.23
ZiP wrote:
I love Kahvi & all the artists. That is all.
05:16 31.12.22
Bobe-On wrote:
Thanks for the clarifications, 4T.
02:36 28.12.22
4T wrote:
Rephazer is a different artist to Polaski
08:29 26.12.22
4T wrote:
No. Finland.
22:10 25.12.22
Bobe-On wrote:
"4T wrote: We have snow in Finland still in May" ~ 4T ...Didn't you take over Kahvi but were based in the UK?
22:07 25.12.22
Bobe-On wrote:
Hey Polaski, so you didn't rebrand yourself to Rephazer?
21:59 25.12.22
Bobe-On wrote:
I just popped in for a few seconds to see the snowflakes and the insanely-cute little Chrismas tree. Don't change, Kahvi, you're just perfect the way you are.
20:17 13.12.22
freddymilton wrote:
it's x-mas-time again All The Best to all at Kahvi!
11:54 12.11.22
Polaski wrote:
Would like to see a mastodon server for the IDM scene.
19:25 10.05.22
freddymilton wrote:
well alright... :-) lovely still!!!

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