[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #282: Cell / Hanging Masses - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
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#282: Cell / Hanging Masses
M3U FMP3  Tracks : 5
Finally the Christmas release for 2009 is here, and I'm very happy to welcome to Kahvi - Cell.

Continuing the relationship between Kahvi and Ultimae (probably the worlds best independent ambient electronica label) Kahvi presents a 5 track ep (playing time 47 minutes!) from Cell - a sampler of some of his most well known tracks from the Fahrenheit Project albums and an exclusive track from his new album 'Hanging Masses'.

Tracklisting (including album name) follows:

Audio deepest night - Fahrenheit Project part 4
Blue embers - Fahrenheit Project part 5
Floating retention - Oxycanta
Hawaii transit - Live At Kumharas - Ibiza
Risky nap under blue tree - Hanging Masses

For more information about 'Hanging Masses' read the info.txt file in the zip and check out the fantastic artwork that Ultimae provided for this release!

PLEASE NOTE: You must not use any of the tracks in this release for any purposes (other than streaming) without contacting Kahvi and asking permission first. Due to these being previous commercial releases on Ultimae, extra clearance needs to be granted.

Track of choice is the sublime Floating Retention, but every track is a masterpiece.

Merry Christmas from Kahvi Collective and see you in 2010!

dizzel wrote on 01/01/19, 10:36 am
Best release what psybient as genre can offer
alex wrote on 14/04/15, 11:12 pm
Hi. May I please download these tracks? I do not plan to use them in any way besides personal use.
Electric Druggie wrote on 27/04/10, 8:54 pm
Floating retention.+]=]

This track makes me smile.
kenny beltrey wrote on 11/01/10, 6:40 pm
Very nice and soulful music. I like every single piece.
sylvainulg wrote on 18/12/09, 9:25 am
Any chance to get a wallpaper-sized rendering of that cover artwork ?
(love the tracks so far, btw)