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#284: Casimirs Blake / Ejecta Nebula
M3U FMP3  Tracks : 5
Back in release #269 we featured a previously unknown artist - Casimirs Blake - with a highly inspirational ep in the style of Global Communication. Ambient and relaxed, it was an audio treat for any ambient fan.

This time around, Casimirs Blake has tried something new. Beats. And lots of them.

A short but sweet ep of five tracks, around 20 minutes playtime greets you with Ejecta Nebula. Even the name strikes you as fast paced and hectic, and the ep doesn't disappoint. From the ambient passages in Fomalhaut Part 1 and 2 to the energetic and extremely high powered escaping wolf rayet, the ep constantly surprises.

Several of the tracks, with their slightly electric guitar sounding riffs, remind me of the days of Sky and its Toccata.

Enjoy this cool and sophisticated ep from certainly one up and coming artist to watch out for.

Note: Check out a promo video for an up and coming track 'Lektrali' in HD, well worth a watch and listen.
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