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#168: Sektor / Iloe
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Now then, what do we have for your listening pleasure? none other than an entire album of bulgarian electronic specialise sektor. as heard previously on kahvi, two releases are also exclusively available on Beatport.com through Kahvi. continuing with the same flowing melodical style, sektor creates an entire hour of audio treats, dark moods, calm and soothing vibes. a taste of bulgarian style by design. enjoy this release by sektor!
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VEG wrote on 01/05/08, 9:27 pm
Cool! Best music! Really.
The Blueman wrote on 01/05/08, 9:27 pm
new to the site (which I love by the way) and wanted to comment on sektor.

Really like a lot of his tracks. The ones that stand out to me so far (haven't listened to all of them yet):


I like that style of music quite a bit. I find it very relaxing, soothing, almost hypontic.

Anyone recommend other artists and downloads that are close to this style?

I look forward to listening to others.


Nickchen wrote on 01/05/08, 9:26 pm

My opinion 'bout this one:

Hypnotic. Symphonic. Peaceful. Complicated. Dragging. Playful.

Full broadside of Electronica of its best.

Only one thing to bleat over: I like Sektor's former releases Embrion's Dream. and Under the Moonlight much better, as they are less monotoneous and have more highlights.
Rubicante wrote on 01/05/08, 9:26 pm
I liked this release alot better than the two previous ones by polygon ring and cardamar. Top Notch! :D

So many of the songs seem to mirror other ones, yet in a way the consistency is good since you can sit through the whole ep and hardly ever miss transitions. I found this hard to analyze because of that. However, much respect nontheless.

Cloe - A soft start. The beginning of the journey. Soft, slow, delicate. Long pads and beats take their time and carry you through the music.

Beyond - An interlude of cool beats and piano melodies. I like this one just for the fact that the piano sounds awesome.

Balkan Eagle - A chilled track. Subtle, smooth, and cool.

Eastmind - My favorite track of the ep. Its laid back mood and chilled kicks really make for a great feeling. Perfect for just tuning out.

September Sun - This track pick up a bit from the last four and sets in some psychedelic and subtle sounds with more immersive pads and breakb-beats that allows a smooth transition too the other half of the ep.

Sense from the past - Ambient and smooth. A calm down from the last track in case it was too fast for you. ;)

belo - Finally breaking in style a bit. Some charming piano leads layered in even more creamy ambience makes this track.

buino - Starting out a tad dark, this ep's synth bassline reminds me a tad of daft punk. Subtle feel good melodies.

ilohi - A weird track in comparison to the rest of the ep. However, this doesnt make it bad but rather good. Not so ambient, this kindve shakes us out of the sleepy mold that we have been accustomed too.

kolae - More ambience for your pleasure. Nothing special

leika - I loved the melody in this one, it reminds me of something I just cant put my finger on. Happy go Lucky basslines and synth reminds me of slem.

loki - A darker edge track. Things wind down.

Neon - Pure ambience. This track really slows down leaving you with birds chirping and strange animalistic noises. Breathy, and organic this track makes a fitting end to a great ep.
Tulpa wrote on 01/05/08, 9:26 pm
Togather with sector we've attended unversity classes to study sound..I remember us standing in in a beautiful place out of the country it was a real inspiration for me.The album has a calm flow going deeper.
Plamen if you remember you colegue alex please write me an e-mail:magrathea@abv.bg I'd like to see you and may be we can record something together. Best regards :::Alex bugaria...keep going
Madstyle wrote on 01/05/08, 9:25 pm
That's a really nice, fluffy production, which will be my recommendation for the next time.

The track called loki reminds me to the old stuff of Boards of Canada. This might be because of these harmonic but whined sounds they often used and which makes them actually characteristic. But anyway I like it. It isn't sampled, so it is allowed :lol:

There is nothing, which I would criticize about the Iloe-Ep from Sektor, so I gave him an excellent!

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